Thursday, December 1, 2011

Together forever :)

Jane is growing like a little weed! She now smiles, rolls over and "talks". She has actually been trying to talk since the day she was born. She is a very vocal little girl. Oh, and quite the drama queen! Lately I have been doing tummy time with her, baby massage and yoga/stretching with mommy. She is a homebody like daddy, which drives me a little crazy since I am the opposite! I try not to push her too much, but there are lots of things that mommy and Jane need to go places to do. She is getting a little better - as long as I fill her up with yummy mama-milk before we go!
Daddy put me in a basket...

On Thanksgiving Jane got to meet her cousin
Lucia who is 22 hours older than her!

We closed on our house and moved in on the 18th! It is so great. We are ALMOST all set up. We had our room and living room complete within 24 hours :)  Now, my main task is to finish Jane's room. It has been the easiest to put off since we aren't using it much right now. My goal for our house is to have it completely set up by Sunday! Once it is spotless, I will take you on a picture...or maybe video tour!

Here's a glimpse of our living room...

I have been able to cook and clean and be a mom in my own space for about two weeks now, and it is glorious! I praise God everyday for it! I don't think we are ever going to take this for granted.

Justin started his new job! He is working at a CPA firm and has his own office - of which Jane and I got to go help decorate the other day :) It is the perfect job for him right now - he was glowing when he came home from his first day. I am so proud of him.

A friend wrote a blog about vulnerability and I felt a bit convicted. Lately, I have only been sharing "braggy" information. Not to brag, just to share good news! Nonetheless, I am not altogether amazing. I have not been consistent in spending quality or quantity time with the Lord. I finally put my foot down about it the other night when I was praying at a communion service at our church. We had a time of reflection on sin; I realized how huge my sin of un-love for God has become. So, I have made it a goal to take time each day, while Jane is down for a nap, and spend that time reading, journaling, praying, etc. It takes effort to put aside cleaning and organizing and other distractions that may come about. I have succeeded in doing this two out of three days...not horrible. It's a start.
You can help keep me accountable. You should ask how my times with Him are going :)
So far, they have been really refreshing. It is SO nice to journal and pray through things. And reading His word is beyond encouraging. I am thankful for a Creator who is so willing to embrace me whenever I decide to return to Him - and who is patient the entire time I stray from Him. I am SO undeserving.