Justin + Jessica

I just love our love story, so if you'd like to hear it, keep on reading :)

Justin and Jessica met in 2010.  He was working as a bank teller.  She was working as a nanny, on staff with Christian Challenge and at Starbucks.  
They met through a bullet-proof-glass window.

Justin, the ruggedly handsome bank teller developed quite a crush on Jessica. He acted on this crush by exuding his flirty behavior toward her with each transaction she made at his bank.
One day a customer in another lane handed Justin something and Jessica could hear him say, "____is the key to my heart." She could not make out what it was that the customer handed him, but was very curious. The next thing she knew, Justin was on her speaker saying, "Did you hear that Miss (Lastname)? ______ is the key to my heart. Think about that sometime!"

She did not know how to respond but was quite flattered that this cute teller was flirting with her. She thought he said "Cinnamon is the key to my heart." 

The following payday Jess bought a package of Cinnamon Gum from Starbucks to take to Justin at work. As she pulled in to deposit her check that Friday morning Justin asked if she had brought him any Thinmints. At that moment, Jessica realized how deaf she was and how important it was for her to find some Thinmints!

Girl Scout Cookie season was nearing the end so Jess decided to bake Justin some Andes Mint Cookies and wrap them in foil (to look like thinmints). The exchange of these cookies began a long journey of visits to the bank and visits to Starbucks.

Justin made Jessica some cookies a few weeks later. The tension was building over this month or two of flirting/pursuing.

One day when Jess returned to the bank to buy a roll of quarters "for laundry" (it was really just an excuse to go see Justin) he wrote his phone number on the roll! Later that day when she finally saw his number, she text him and gave him permission to call her that evening.

The first conversation happened that night and the two became "friends".
Frequent hangouts and pseudo dates happened before the couple became official on June 8th, 2010.
The engagement happened just three months later, on September 10th, 2010.

(From Jessica's point of view)

I worked until 5pm on Friday and went to the bank to see my boyfriend/deposit my pay check afterward. Once my teller deposited my check he asked what my plans were for the evening. I had formerly planned on hanging out with my best friend Juliet around 6pm, so I told him I planned to go get cleaned up after work and then hang out with her, and maybe I would see him after that. He asked if I could drop by to let Nemo (our dog) out to use the bathroom and I agreed. As I left the bank I called my sister Kaitlin. While we were on the phone Justin tried to call me twice, so I ended my conversation with Kaitlin and returned his call. He proceeded to ask me for a favor - there was an envelope on his kitchen counter with the vice president of the bank's first name on it and he urgently needed it before 6pm. The current time was 5:35pm. I quickly agreed to bring him the envelope.
Nemo jumped into the car, I grabbed the envelope and sped off to the Bank. As I pulled up to the bank there were several cars in the lane closest to the window (lane 0), so I went into a far lane (lane 1). Justin asked me to pull over to the window so he could give Nemo a treat. As I pulled into "lane 0" Justin sent a dog treat and two pieces of paper out to me and asked me to send in the envelope. I gave Nemo his treat as Justin asked me to sign the two pieces of paper. I asked what they were and he told me they were for a joint savings account labeled "Wedding Account" - which we had discussed and agreed to open once we got engaged!
I sat in my car, smiling ear-to-ear, signing these papers and wondering what this night had in store. As I passed the papers back in I did not say a word. Justin, next, asked me to open the envelope I brought him. As I ripped it open I saw the cash that we had been saving together for this account along with a deposit slip. I continued my smiles and no speaking. He pulled the drawer back in and began speaking.
"So, I have been doing some thinking. And I really love Nemo, and I love you a lot. And we have done a lot of things through this bank window - like the exchange of cookies, and phone numbers...and I feel like there is only one thing left to do through this window..."
(he pulls a chair over to the counter and kneels down on it - pushes the bank drawer out with the ring box open and says...)
"Jessica (Middlename, Lastname), will you marry me?"
(I continue to sit there smiling, not saying words and balling)
"Don't touch the ring, send it back in. If it is a yes, please pull forward and to the left to come around back and see me; if it is a no, please pull forward to the right."

I pulled forward, to the left and around back. Justin came out the door. I tried to give him a hug and he told me to wait as he kneeled down once more and asked me to marry him. I rushed forward for a big kiss and said "Of COURSE!"
After the proposal Justin still had 20 minutes of work remaining, so he left me with a note and I went crazy waiting for him to come outside!

We set our wedding date for January 8, 2011!

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