Tuesday, February 22, 2011

i'm dreaming of...

Everyone says that during pregnancy you have crazy dreams. I concur.

I have been having very detailed vivid dreams that I remember quite well each day I wake up.
It is kind of fun, but sometimes they make me cry.
I feel for my fellow co-workers because I usually share about them at work when they are funny, they are probably sick of me already!

Some of my dreams so far have included:
-getting in trouble at Starbucks for not being up to code on certain things (of which we actually are doing right).
-drama with my family and Justin was not there! So when I woke up I cried to him about how much I missed him in my dream. haha.
-we had a baby girl. And there was a party. And I was in my wedding dress getting tons of compliments for fitting back into it. And I left our poor baby in another room and returned to her crying in her car seat. (This is when I decided I def. need a full 9 months to be ready for a new person depending on me!)
-I met one of my co-workers at walmart - he was working (this would be his third job) and he told me not to tell our boss at Starbucks.
-I was on some sort of road trip with Christian Challenge and I really wanted some "Simply Lemonade" and when we stopped at the convenient store there was none to be found! Not even a comparison! I was so thirsty! But only for Simply Lemonade of course.
-Justin's brother's girlfriend worked at Dairy Queen and hooked us up with a free Blizzard. Therefore the next day I really wanted a Blizzard.

More to come, I'm SURE!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Tonight I got to talk with my very best Michelle friend via Skype. I love her. She rejuvenates my soul.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mrs. Villmer

Marriage is awesome. I definitely recommend it. Oh, and I think you should find your perfect match before getting married for sure. Justin is the best compliment to who I am - and vice versa. I love it.

I don't really know what to write on a blog anymore!

Life is busy, but not. Justin is constantly busy - school, work, homework. I work at Starbucks around 20-25 hours a week and clean and cook the rest of the time. I am becoming a real wife!

Oh, some fun news!
After our wedding we went on a honeymoon. It was quite nice. Relaxing and sex filled. During that time we conceived our little embryo! Together we have created a monster! A human rather. We are so excited to be parents! Justin is the cutest pre-dad.
We are due October 7th (my brother's 13th birthday)!

There you go internet - it is officially official!

I am going crazy actually. I am so stinkin' worn out all the time and feel a constant sense of nausea. I have not vomited yet and pray I won't, I just feel like I need an antibiotic! But, alas, it is my body responding to the new growing of a human being. We have our first check-up since the official test results on March 2nd. We will hopefully get to hear the heart beat!!! I think that is when this will all set in a little deeper.

Yey for new life!