Thursday, December 1, 2011

Together forever :)

Jane is growing like a little weed! She now smiles, rolls over and "talks". She has actually been trying to talk since the day she was born. She is a very vocal little girl. Oh, and quite the drama queen! Lately I have been doing tummy time with her, baby massage and yoga/stretching with mommy. She is a homebody like daddy, which drives me a little crazy since I am the opposite! I try not to push her too much, but there are lots of things that mommy and Jane need to go places to do. She is getting a little better - as long as I fill her up with yummy mama-milk before we go!
Daddy put me in a basket...

On Thanksgiving Jane got to meet her cousin
Lucia who is 22 hours older than her!

We closed on our house and moved in on the 18th! It is so great. We are ALMOST all set up. We had our room and living room complete within 24 hours :)  Now, my main task is to finish Jane's room. It has been the easiest to put off since we aren't using it much right now. My goal for our house is to have it completely set up by Sunday! Once it is spotless, I will take you on a picture...or maybe video tour!

Here's a glimpse of our living room...

I have been able to cook and clean and be a mom in my own space for about two weeks now, and it is glorious! I praise God everyday for it! I don't think we are ever going to take this for granted.

Justin started his new job! He is working at a CPA firm and has his own office - of which Jane and I got to go help decorate the other day :) It is the perfect job for him right now - he was glowing when he came home from his first day. I am so proud of him.

A friend wrote a blog about vulnerability and I felt a bit convicted. Lately, I have only been sharing "braggy" information. Not to brag, just to share good news! Nonetheless, I am not altogether amazing. I have not been consistent in spending quality or quantity time with the Lord. I finally put my foot down about it the other night when I was praying at a communion service at our church. We had a time of reflection on sin; I realized how huge my sin of un-love for God has become. So, I have made it a goal to take time each day, while Jane is down for a nap, and spend that time reading, journaling, praying, etc. It takes effort to put aside cleaning and organizing and other distractions that may come about. I have succeeded in doing this two out of three days...not horrible. It's a start.
You can help keep me accountable. You should ask how my times with Him are going :)
So far, they have been really refreshing. It is SO nice to journal and pray through things. And reading His word is beyond encouraging. I am thankful for a Creator who is so willing to embrace me whenever I decide to return to Him - and who is patient the entire time I stray from Him. I am SO undeserving.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A whole new world.

Last time I posted was at the end of my pregnancy...I was excited, ready and terrified.  Well, now we have our Jane!  The birth process was amazing.  Not horrible at all.  Painful, yes, but not even as bad as I expected!  And I was able to do it naturally and drug free :)  Recovery, too, has gone really well!  I am so thankful and continually praising God for such a care-free experience!!!

This is our sweet Jane with her proud Daddy on her Birthday. She was 8 pounds and 1 ounce at birth and 20.5 inches long. Perfection.

I was also becoming impatient with our house.  We finally have an official closing date of November 18th at 9am and plan to move right after we sign!  PRAISE God!  So excited.  And ready.

Here is our house again :)

So, now - I am a mom!  My days consist of snuggling my sweet baby, feeding her growing belly, rocking and shushing to calm her, enjoy a few quiet moments during her naps, changing her diapers and spit-up-enhanced clothing, talking with her and enjoying each little sound and face she makes.  Sometimes I get time to do laundry, clean, cook and occasionally shower.  It is the best :)

On our second Sunday to church.

Another new part of our life will be Justin's job!  He recieved a phone call yesterday asking for a follow-up interview with a CPA firm he interviewed with this summer.  They met this morning and offered him a position!  He will be making more money than at the bank, have his own office AND be working in his field of study!  All the things he has been praying for in a job.  He plans to give his two weeks tomorrow and begin working at the new place on the 28th. 

Something you may have caught about us Villmers, we love change.  Not necessarily, but we have been embracing LOTS of it in the past year!  And God has been gracious in walking us through the hard stuff and continualy blessing us far beyond our deserving.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

thirty-seven weeks...and counting.

Jane is safe to be born! At the birthing center!

She is a biggin'!

We are beginning to see what it is like to be in the "waiting" phase of pregnancy. I never thought it would come, but once we got the car seat bought, our birthing-center bag(s) packed and 37 weeks hit - we feel ready. Plus, we are just so excited to meet Jane!
I am a mixed ball of emotions. Totally excited to meet her and hold her, but TERRIFIED of squeezing her out! I know it will be worth it and I will forget about the horribleness, but it still exists. I actually had a dream that I missed my entire labor and delivery process and woke up with a baby - and I was so sad! I do want to experience it, I am just nervous.

I know when it starts I am going to cry, cry, cry and tell Justin that I "can't do it"...knowing that I very well can. I'm just overwhelmed thinking about the whole process and the fact that my body can perform such a feat. Not to mention the after-affects and recovery! Ah!!

PLUS, we are waiting on lots of little details to come together in regards to our house! We don't have an official closing date yet, and it is driving me nuts! I did start packing yesterday, the things we don't use; that was good. I need to continue doing that little by little as Jane stays in the womb.
People keep asking me if I'm "nesting" - and I have a weird answer: YES - I want to set up all of her things and have them perfect for when she comes, but I can't quite do that yet - instead I get to pack everything except for what we will be using in the first few months with her. Even doing that helps me to feel ready, but it is very hard not decorating her room and setting up her crib and all that, to perfection.
Plus I really want to start setting up our HOME!

Gist of this post: I am impatient.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Our house... the middle of the street...

We are buying a home. We found it! We have signed papers and are currently in the process of gathering all necessary paperwork for the loan application (which we have been pre-approved for) and then having the house inspected next week, etc. We are set to close on the home no later than October 30th! How exciting!

Here is a virtual tour of the house: Presenting 810 W. 21st St. in Hutchinson, Kansas!

We LOVE it! It is the perfect size for our family now, and allows room for expansion...i.e. the basement. There is a nice big back yard for Nemo, a great dining room for entertaining and even an attached garage! We will live two houses down from a highly recommended elementary school in Hutchinson as well! Jane can walk to school : )

We are so VERY excited...did I mention that? And SO thankful that everything is coming together so beautifully and quickly. The Lord sure knows what we need when we need it!

Please pray for us! Pray that everything continues to come together as it should and that as we are close to having our sweet baby and closing on a house that we would not be too overwhelmed. We are really praying we can get into the house before Jane is born, but don't really expect to be able to move in until a few weeks after she is here - either way is fine, I just think it would be easier to move with her inside the womb. There are lots of details that go into buying a home, and Justin is amazing at getting it all done, please ask for ease in doing it all as he already has SO much on his plate right now.

In other news - my first baby shower is in Olathe tomorrow and I am super excited! My mom is taking us shopping to pick out a carseat/stroller combo - I think this will help us to feel more ready for her to come. Each day I get a little bit less nervous about her being born...I think it is the fact that we know where we will be living! I am excited to see friends and family and celebrate Jane together! Praise God for creating such a wonderful thing in childbearing and life - it is quite humbling to think that He chose ME to have our baby - I am so inadequate and yet so prepared by Him. Yey.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

30 Weeks

Yesterday I had a 3-hour-Glucose tolerance test - I drank yucky glucose-infused-lemon-lime-flavored-water then got poked three times. I don't have gestational diabetes! BUT my midwife is suggesting I make some diet changes anyway :(  
NOT easy with prego cravings, let me tell you, but it will be good for the whole family I am sure!

{My cousin Aimee and Me - she is due a few days before me and also having a girl : ) }

Midwife says Jane is head down and measuring at about 32 weeks. I gained one pound in the last week. I feel abnormally huge. Healthwise I feel fantastic.

I put together a changing table for the little miss yesterday and tomorrow Justin and I have the day off - in which I plan to put back together the nursery that keeps turning into a storage room. Organization is not easy when you can't just go out and buy a ton of boxes and baskets for things (like I would like to do).

Justin and I are saving for a house! And looking for one as well. Our goal is to save 20% for a down-payment (which we expect to do by February of next year) and to find a place for around $50,000 that might need some fixing-up. It is lots of fun to look at homes and as much as I appreciate Justin's parents opening their home to us, I can't wait to have our own place again where Jane can grow up with Mom, Dad and Nemes :)

"The Lord is good to those, to those who wait on Him. Oh, I will be still and I will know that You are God."

Friday, July 8, 2011


Justin got a job! He has accepted a position as full-time teller at the Dillons branch of First National Bank of Hutchinson. He gets a ton of great benefits and makes decent money. He is hoping that once he finishes his degree he can slowly move up in this particular bank - they have an average turn over rate of 12 years and love to hire within.

He is SO excited to be back to work - the hunt has been long and tedious. Funny thing is, now that he has a job, all the places he has applied keep calling and giving him offers! Kind of annoying.

He will work four, ten-hour days - so three days with me! That will be nice especially once Jane is born :)

So, congrats to my perserverant husband on his new job as a banker! I'm impressed.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We are having a little girl and her name is Jane :)

She is so sweet already. She turns and tumbles a lot lately and we LOVE to just sit and feel her in my tummy.

Oh, and we live in Yoder/Hutchinson now. I love my new Starbucks and my co-workers are lots of fun. Justin and I have joined a small group at Westside Baptist Church and we're studying the Song of Solomon. Justin is job hunting and planning to continue school (mostly online) next semester. We are giving birth at the Yoder Birthing Center and we LOVE it there. We see a midwife once a month and they are very helpful and friendly. We are so anxious to meet our little Jane!

Jane is currently 25 weeks - the size of my favorite chinese dish - Eggplant!

That is a brief update...very brief.

Thursday, March 31, 2011


Last night while driving home from dinner with some friends I had my husband stop in a random parking lot so that I could get sick.
I felt like a drunk girl leaving a bar...but alas, I am pregnant, not intoxicated.

It was yucky.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

all kinds of shriveled up grapes

Justin hates raisins and I am not a fan of prunes - BUT we are both very excited about our little prune sized fetus this week :)

The Chinese Gender Predictor says we are having a boy...we'll see.

Our prune-sized-fetus' vital organs are beginning to function this week. If he/she in fact is a "he", he is also producing testosterone already! Also, arms and joints are now working. That means baby can begin perfecting dance moves to perform for mom and dad as soon as he/she exits the womb! She/he better have a good routine - we are not easily impressed ;)

I am feeling pretty good this week. Other than having a bit of a sinus-infected-head, I have energy and don't feel like puking. I am also feeling my "breasts" (boobs) getting bigger along with a nice little pooch forming expanding on my tummy. {I am insinuating there has always been a pooch :) }

The Villmers really love these things this week!
-Playing video games (Lego Batman and Left4Dead)
-Watching the rest of LOST (we are on season 6 - I have already seen it, but I love re-watching it and watching him find new things out about the crazy sci-fi world of "The Island")
-Night Light (we bought this devotional and we are really enjoying it. It is really short and simple, but good for us right now)
-Listening to music on our Zune (Justin bought me a Zune! How sweet.)

Friday, March 4, 2011



–noun, plural -tus·es. Embryology .
(used chiefly of viviparous mammals) the young of an animal in the womb or egg, especially in the later stages of development when the body structures are in the recognizable form of its kind, in humans after the end of the second month of gestation.

For some reason a few years ago, in the beach house, the word fetus became my favorite of all time. I think because it is such a weird word and makes people feel a little uncomfortable. Now I have one inhabiting my uterus! How fun.

Our embryo is officially a fetus and is the size of an olive or grape.

I am very irritable lately! People annoy me constantly and I cry about stupid things. We have this tea cup in our bathroom that holds Q-tips and I really love the colors and pattern on it. I was sitting on the sink yesterday and accidentally knocked it off the counter and it broke to pieces. I made a sad face and Justin said, "honey, please don't cry" and I proceeded to cry over the broken, BEAUTIFUL tea cup. Ha.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

another dream

Last night I dreamt that I gave birth at 8 weeks (my current pregnant state). It was a boy. I was freaking out because we don't have a boy name picked out. The little boy I gave birth to looked just like Braden Rew (as in a 3 month old baby boy).
Quite impossible - all of this - I realize. Once again, my dreams are crazy.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

pillow talk

Justin woke up from a bad dream at 5:30am today. He told me all about it and we just laid in bed for at least an hour chatting and cuddling. It was sweet bliss.
I love pillow talk.
And yes, that's what they call it these days ;)

I am currently in week 8 of pregnancy.

We just got back from the OB. We were able to hear our little raspberry's heartbeat! It was so fast compared to mine and so faint. But SO awesome.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

LOVE him.

This morning my husband, studious as he is, woke up at 5:30am to study for a test. I did not work until 9am and asked him to wake me up at 7am. He let me sleep a few extra minutes and then woke me up sweetly, explaining the reason he was waking me up now is so that I can eat the hot breakfast that was on the table :)

Yes, it is true. I have the best husband of all time.

Also, I am going on a bike ride this afternoon! It has been too cold for too long and I am thankful for this beautiful weather - therefore, I will embrace it!

Tomorrow we have our first OB visit! Hopefully a successful ultrasound will accompany it.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

i'm dreaming of...

Everyone says that during pregnancy you have crazy dreams. I concur.

I have been having very detailed vivid dreams that I remember quite well each day I wake up.
It is kind of fun, but sometimes they make me cry.
I feel for my fellow co-workers because I usually share about them at work when they are funny, they are probably sick of me already!

Some of my dreams so far have included:
-getting in trouble at Starbucks for not being up to code on certain things (of which we actually are doing right).
-drama with my family and Justin was not there! So when I woke up I cried to him about how much I missed him in my dream. haha.
-we had a baby girl. And there was a party. And I was in my wedding dress getting tons of compliments for fitting back into it. And I left our poor baby in another room and returned to her crying in her car seat. (This is when I decided I def. need a full 9 months to be ready for a new person depending on me!)
-I met one of my co-workers at walmart - he was working (this would be his third job) and he told me not to tell our boss at Starbucks.
-I was on some sort of road trip with Christian Challenge and I really wanted some "Simply Lemonade" and when we stopped at the convenient store there was none to be found! Not even a comparison! I was so thirsty! But only for Simply Lemonade of course.
-Justin's brother's girlfriend worked at Dairy Queen and hooked us up with a free Blizzard. Therefore the next day I really wanted a Blizzard.

More to come, I'm SURE!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Tonight I got to talk with my very best Michelle friend via Skype. I love her. She rejuvenates my soul.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mrs. Villmer

Marriage is awesome. I definitely recommend it. Oh, and I think you should find your perfect match before getting married for sure. Justin is the best compliment to who I am - and vice versa. I love it.

I don't really know what to write on a blog anymore!

Life is busy, but not. Justin is constantly busy - school, work, homework. I work at Starbucks around 20-25 hours a week and clean and cook the rest of the time. I am becoming a real wife!

Oh, some fun news!
After our wedding we went on a honeymoon. It was quite nice. Relaxing and sex filled. During that time we conceived our little embryo! Together we have created a monster! A human rather. We are so excited to be parents! Justin is the cutest pre-dad.
We are due October 7th (my brother's 13th birthday)!

There you go internet - it is officially official!

I am going crazy actually. I am so stinkin' worn out all the time and feel a constant sense of nausea. I have not vomited yet and pray I won't, I just feel like I need an antibiotic! But, alas, it is my body responding to the new growing of a human being. We have our first check-up since the official test results on March 2nd. We will hopefully get to hear the heart beat!!! I think that is when this will all set in a little deeper.

Yey for new life!