Wednesday, September 21, 2011

thirty-seven weeks...and counting.

Jane is safe to be born! At the birthing center!

She is a biggin'!

We are beginning to see what it is like to be in the "waiting" phase of pregnancy. I never thought it would come, but once we got the car seat bought, our birthing-center bag(s) packed and 37 weeks hit - we feel ready. Plus, we are just so excited to meet Jane!
I am a mixed ball of emotions. Totally excited to meet her and hold her, but TERRIFIED of squeezing her out! I know it will be worth it and I will forget about the horribleness, but it still exists. I actually had a dream that I missed my entire labor and delivery process and woke up with a baby - and I was so sad! I do want to experience it, I am just nervous.

I know when it starts I am going to cry, cry, cry and tell Justin that I "can't do it"...knowing that I very well can. I'm just overwhelmed thinking about the whole process and the fact that my body can perform such a feat. Not to mention the after-affects and recovery! Ah!!

PLUS, we are waiting on lots of little details to come together in regards to our house! We don't have an official closing date yet, and it is driving me nuts! I did start packing yesterday, the things we don't use; that was good. I need to continue doing that little by little as Jane stays in the womb.
People keep asking me if I'm "nesting" - and I have a weird answer: YES - I want to set up all of her things and have them perfect for when she comes, but I can't quite do that yet - instead I get to pack everything except for what we will be using in the first few months with her. Even doing that helps me to feel ready, but it is very hard not decorating her room and setting up her crib and all that, to perfection.
Plus I really want to start setting up our HOME!

Gist of this post: I am impatient.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Our house... the middle of the street...

We are buying a home. We found it! We have signed papers and are currently in the process of gathering all necessary paperwork for the loan application (which we have been pre-approved for) and then having the house inspected next week, etc. We are set to close on the home no later than October 30th! How exciting!

Here is a virtual tour of the house: Presenting 810 W. 21st St. in Hutchinson, Kansas!

We LOVE it! It is the perfect size for our family now, and allows room for expansion...i.e. the basement. There is a nice big back yard for Nemo, a great dining room for entertaining and even an attached garage! We will live two houses down from a highly recommended elementary school in Hutchinson as well! Jane can walk to school : )

We are so VERY excited...did I mention that? And SO thankful that everything is coming together so beautifully and quickly. The Lord sure knows what we need when we need it!

Please pray for us! Pray that everything continues to come together as it should and that as we are close to having our sweet baby and closing on a house that we would not be too overwhelmed. We are really praying we can get into the house before Jane is born, but don't really expect to be able to move in until a few weeks after she is here - either way is fine, I just think it would be easier to move with her inside the womb. There are lots of details that go into buying a home, and Justin is amazing at getting it all done, please ask for ease in doing it all as he already has SO much on his plate right now.

In other news - my first baby shower is in Olathe tomorrow and I am super excited! My mom is taking us shopping to pick out a carseat/stroller combo - I think this will help us to feel more ready for her to come. Each day I get a little bit less nervous about her being born...I think it is the fact that we know where we will be living! I am excited to see friends and family and celebrate Jane together! Praise God for creating such a wonderful thing in childbearing and life - it is quite humbling to think that He chose ME to have our baby - I am so inadequate and yet so prepared by Him. Yey.