Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We are having a little girl and her name is Jane :)

She is so sweet already. She turns and tumbles a lot lately and we LOVE to just sit and feel her in my tummy.

Oh, and we live in Yoder/Hutchinson now. I love my new Starbucks and my co-workers are lots of fun. Justin and I have joined a small group at Westside Baptist Church and we're studying the Song of Solomon. Justin is job hunting and planning to continue school (mostly online) next semester. We are giving birth at the Yoder Birthing Center and we LOVE it there. We see a midwife once a month and they are very helpful and friendly. We are so anxious to meet our little Jane!

Jane is currently 25 weeks - the size of my favorite chinese dish - Eggplant!

That is a brief update...very brief.


  1. Jane! I love that name - so precious! :) Miss you and love you lots!!

  2. Oh. I love that name Jess. The three J's! =)
    More than half way there - that's exciting!
    Miss you!