Wednesday, August 3, 2011

30 Weeks

Yesterday I had a 3-hour-Glucose tolerance test - I drank yucky glucose-infused-lemon-lime-flavored-water then got poked three times. I don't have gestational diabetes! BUT my midwife is suggesting I make some diet changes anyway :(  
NOT easy with prego cravings, let me tell you, but it will be good for the whole family I am sure!

{My cousin Aimee and Me - she is due a few days before me and also having a girl : ) }

Midwife says Jane is head down and measuring at about 32 weeks. I gained one pound in the last week. I feel abnormally huge. Healthwise I feel fantastic.

I put together a changing table for the little miss yesterday and tomorrow Justin and I have the day off - in which I plan to put back together the nursery that keeps turning into a storage room. Organization is not easy when you can't just go out and buy a ton of boxes and baskets for things (like I would like to do).

Justin and I are saving for a house! And looking for one as well. Our goal is to save 20% for a down-payment (which we expect to do by February of next year) and to find a place for around $50,000 that might need some fixing-up. It is lots of fun to look at homes and as much as I appreciate Justin's parents opening their home to us, I can't wait to have our own place again where Jane can grow up with Mom, Dad and Nemes :)

"The Lord is good to those, to those who wait on Him. Oh, I will be still and I will know that You are God."


  1. love the blog! and the picture!

    <3 ya! can't wait to meet Jane at Christmas!

  2. So exciting, Jess!! Thanks for the update, and I'm so excited to meet little Jane in a few months!

  3. Look at you!!! I love you biggin. Does that offend you? I hope not. I said it in love. In all my love. I still can't even believe Father is growing a little-in in you. What's the opposite of biggin? I don't know. That 3 hour test does not sound fun. YOU are going to be one sweet action mom. You with your big heart...and breasts. Hahahaha. I'm literally LOL. Thanks for reading my blog. You should blog more.

  4. Mercy, Michelle is a MESS! LOL. Jess, I think there's something under your shirt ;) Lookin' adorable.

  5. Wow! Look at your baby bump!! So cute! You should post pics of your nursery!! Aww, Sweet Little Jane is almost here :)