Wednesday, September 21, 2011

thirty-seven weeks...and counting.

Jane is safe to be born! At the birthing center!

She is a biggin'!

We are beginning to see what it is like to be in the "waiting" phase of pregnancy. I never thought it would come, but once we got the car seat bought, our birthing-center bag(s) packed and 37 weeks hit - we feel ready. Plus, we are just so excited to meet Jane!
I am a mixed ball of emotions. Totally excited to meet her and hold her, but TERRIFIED of squeezing her out! I know it will be worth it and I will forget about the horribleness, but it still exists. I actually had a dream that I missed my entire labor and delivery process and woke up with a baby - and I was so sad! I do want to experience it, I am just nervous.

I know when it starts I am going to cry, cry, cry and tell Justin that I "can't do it"...knowing that I very well can. I'm just overwhelmed thinking about the whole process and the fact that my body can perform such a feat. Not to mention the after-affects and recovery! Ah!!

PLUS, we are waiting on lots of little details to come together in regards to our house! We don't have an official closing date yet, and it is driving me nuts! I did start packing yesterday, the things we don't use; that was good. I need to continue doing that little by little as Jane stays in the womb.
People keep asking me if I'm "nesting" - and I have a weird answer: YES - I want to set up all of her things and have them perfect for when she comes, but I can't quite do that yet - instead I get to pack everything except for what we will be using in the first few months with her. Even doing that helps me to feel ready, but it is very hard not decorating her room and setting up her crib and all that, to perfection.
Plus I really want to start setting up our HOME!

Gist of this post: I am impatient.


  1. I wish I had encouragement when it comes to birthing a baby, but considering I had a c-section, I got nothing. BUT I will say that many women way before our time did it, so you can too!

    I can't wait to see her little face!

  2. You can do it! You can do it! I totally get the nervousness though! I agree with Kass!! And it COMPLETELY makes sense that you want to set up for Jane and be ready for her! My mom just mentioned the other day about a co-worker and his wife who were moving right before their baby came and it was hard for her not to have a place to set up for the baby because she was nesting so bad. So, they gave her a corner in the old house (while everything else was being packed up) that she could set up the baby's "room" which helped her feel a lot better. Anyway - all that to say, I can understand what you are saying! Love you! And you are going to do fan-FREAKING-tastic!!!

  3. Whew! How exciting and nerve wrecking!!! I still have a heard time believing you have a baby inside you right now at this very second. I hope all that house stuff pans out and you get to move in soon.

  4. cute pic! I know you can do it!