Monday, July 30, 2012

Jane is almost 10 months.
I am 22 weeks pregnant.
Justin almost switched jobs, but is staying put.

Jane is crawling like a maniac.
I am growing like a maniac.
Justin is studying like a maniac.

Jane is sleeping really well in her own room now.
I am always wanting to sleep as well.
Justin never sleeps, because he works his tail off, both at work and school.

Jane is thankful for a Dada who lets her spend all day with Mama.
I am thankful for a Husband who seeks God and cares for our family above anything.
Justin is thankful for a cute little bug and a healthily growing new bug.

Jane weighs 16lbs and is 27 1/4in long. She is small, but very healthy.
I will find out this evening how much I weigh...but will probably not disclose.
Justin would rather not talk about his weight either :)

Jane likes to pull all her toys off the toy shelf then crawl away.
I like to blog when Jane sleeps.
Justin likes to listen to/watch DMB music whenever he gets the chance.

Short update.
A little pointless.
But needed.


  1. Not pointless =)

    I feel like this blog is a lot like our life too.

    Braden... gosh...he is such a mover. Running. Throwing things. Making messes in every room and guess who gets to pick them up?!? I make him help though! =) I'm a little freaked out about how much more I could possibly grow in 21 days. Some days I feel huge and then other day I think I'm not that big. James is pretty busy too... working, doing homework, flying... makes me wonder if life with ever settle down!

    I like to sleep too. Probably too much. I should probably get over it soon... ha, like I'll have a choice!

    P.S. Like your blog header!

  2. I love the update. I always love checking your blog to see new things. Hope that things are going great.