Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mrs. Villmer

Marriage is awesome. I definitely recommend it. Oh, and I think you should find your perfect match before getting married for sure. Justin is the best compliment to who I am - and vice versa. I love it.

I don't really know what to write on a blog anymore!

Life is busy, but not. Justin is constantly busy - school, work, homework. I work at Starbucks around 20-25 hours a week and clean and cook the rest of the time. I am becoming a real wife!

Oh, some fun news!
After our wedding we went on a honeymoon. It was quite nice. Relaxing and sex filled. During that time we conceived our little embryo! Together we have created a monster! A human rather. We are so excited to be parents! Justin is the cutest pre-dad.
We are due October 7th (my brother's 13th birthday)!

There you go internet - it is officially official!

I am going crazy actually. I am so stinkin' worn out all the time and feel a constant sense of nausea. I have not vomited yet and pray I won't, I just feel like I need an antibiotic! But, alas, it is my body responding to the new growing of a human being. We have our first check-up since the official test results on March 2nd. We will hopefully get to hear the heart beat!!! I think that is when this will all set in a little deeper.

Yey for new life!


  1. You are funny. "Sex filled" LOL

    Being nausea is no fun. I hope you don't throw up either because that is definitely no fun at all! Eat lots of saltine crackers and drink sprite...and lay in bed! As for being warn out...that just sucks. Maybe make some freezer meals so you don't really have to cook and can just pop things in the freezer? Maybe that will leave time for a nap!

    Hearing the heartbeat.... you will smile every time you hear it!

  2. I hope my honeymoon is sex-filled. Priorities, Andrea, priorities. Let's think about dating first.

    I'M SOOOO SEXCITED (I accidentally typed that and thought it was too funny to erase, though slightly awkward!) for you guys!!! You guys will be terrific parents! Can't wait to meet your little monster! :D BTW- Feel free to name your child Andrea. I'm okay with sharing the name. ;D

  3. well... I thought I would be the first to comment on the "sex-filled" awesome part of your blog... but guess not. :-) I am glad your honeymoon... went well? :-P But on the serious side - I am sooo excited for you guys! I am praying for you both!

  4. HelloHello.

    I found your new blog. Tricky. :P

    I want to hear more about Justin's "pre-dadness". It does sound adorable. Also. Now that the monster has been created - work on baking a boy for me. KK? My little prince needs another buddy. The Matlacks are big fans of little boys.

    Take care of yourself! Just hold on for a couple more weeks! And call me the instant that you feel the baby. (Not for a while probably, but I'm just letting you know that I expect it. :)