Saturday, March 12, 2011

all kinds of shriveled up grapes

Justin hates raisins and I am not a fan of prunes - BUT we are both very excited about our little prune sized fetus this week :)

The Chinese Gender Predictor says we are having a boy...we'll see.

Our prune-sized-fetus' vital organs are beginning to function this week. If he/she in fact is a "he", he is also producing testosterone already! Also, arms and joints are now working. That means baby can begin perfecting dance moves to perform for mom and dad as soon as he/she exits the womb! She/he better have a good routine - we are not easily impressed ;)

I am feeling pretty good this week. Other than having a bit of a sinus-infected-head, I have energy and don't feel like puking. I am also feeling my "breasts" (boobs) getting bigger along with a nice little pooch forming expanding on my tummy. {I am insinuating there has always been a pooch :) }

The Villmers really love these things this week!
-Playing video games (Lego Batman and Left4Dead)
-Watching the rest of LOST (we are on season 6 - I have already seen it, but I love re-watching it and watching him find new things out about the crazy sci-fi world of "The Island")
-Night Light (we bought this devotional and we are really enjoying it. It is really short and simple, but good for us right now)
-Listening to music on our Zune (Justin bought me a Zune! How sweet.)


  1. The Gender Predictor was right for us! :P

    Good luck!

  2. Oh a boy!!! How fun would that be. I want a boy first. What do you want? Well, the right response is, "It doesn't matter as long as it is healthy." It referring to the fetus.

  3. There is something that you can buy to predict the gender of your baby... you can get it at Target. I think you pee on it as well. lol I will be trying it the next time around to see if it works... I have heard so.

    You think your feeling your boobs get bigger now. Just you wait! HOLY COW.... seriously, the day we left the hospital they were massive. I went up like 3 sizes which I never thought was possible!

    As for your baby having dance moves - it will happen even before s/he exits and it will be a joy! Love reading about you guys...