Friday, March 4, 2011



–noun, plural -tus·es. Embryology .
(used chiefly of viviparous mammals) the young of an animal in the womb or egg, especially in the later stages of development when the body structures are in the recognizable form of its kind, in humans after the end of the second month of gestation.

For some reason a few years ago, in the beach house, the word fetus became my favorite of all time. I think because it is such a weird word and makes people feel a little uncomfortable. Now I have one inhabiting my uterus! How fun.

Our embryo is officially a fetus and is the size of an olive or grape.

I am very irritable lately! People annoy me constantly and I cry about stupid things. We have this tea cup in our bathroom that holds Q-tips and I really love the colors and pattern on it. I was sitting on the sink yesterday and accidentally knocked it off the counter and it broke to pieces. I made a sad face and Justin said, "honey, please don't cry" and I proceeded to cry over the broken, BEAUTIFUL tea cup. Ha.


  1. =) I understand the crying. Seriously, sometimes I'd just cry for NO REASON. The fetus (fetus, fetus, fetus!) just does weird things to you...just you wait!

  2. AW! I so wish you could come visit us! So that you could see the fetus' at the Museum (also so that I could hang out with you). You'd be surprise how LARGE an olive she actually is!

  3. oh Jessica, i am seriously so happy for you! you are going to be an awesome Mom! i absolutely LOVE being a Mom, babies are such a gift from God! I look forward to hearing more about your pregnancy!

  4. Most days, I still can't believe you are having a baby. I was tutoring a student the other day. And he asked me what an olive was. I tried to explain. Then we found the word in his language. He was still clueless.