Friday, February 1, 2013

Day 30: Garage

The garage at our house is normally referred to as "Justin's garage."  It has become more of a storage space than a place to park a car.  It isn't very big, but we can squeeze our van into it if it is going to hail or something. 

Recently, as we have been clearing our living spaces of "stuff," we have been boxing that stuff and setting it in the garage to be delivered to an organization on a later date.  That stuff has been PILING up. 

Plus, Justin's work bench area has been filled with projects that need to be done.

One night, after we put the kiddos in bed, we decided to clean the garage out.  It only took us about two hours.

((some fun things to notice as you look at these pictures:
My husband's collection of hot wheels (as well as bottled water and can goods in case of catastrophe.) The toddler bed that needs re-finishing that we bought at a second-hand-furniture-store.  The street sign above the work bench... The graffiti wall.  Our bikes up-top!  The little pink riding car Jane got for Christmas.  The riding lawn-mower that we are storing for Justin's parents.  [Top right photo] My cutesie husband sitting on said mower.))

So, there you have it.  Justin's garage is clean and somewhat organized.  We moved a lot of the un-used stuff to the shed.  We took the boxes of donations to our van (which later ended back up in the garage because we didn't have time to deliver them.)  There is now room to work on "the toddler bed project." I am beyond excited to grab those bikes down for a stroll once springtime hits!

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