Sunday, February 3, 2013

Day 32: My reading list

At this very moment, I am "reading" about ten different books.

"reading"= have read at least one chapter and have the book sitting out in a random place for me to pick up whenever I get the time/urge to read it; OR am continually turning to it when I decide I need advice.

+ two e-books
This is not simple.  This is too many.

What's my plan of action?  How am I going to simplify my reading? 


But I think I should.

What do you suggest?  I clearly don't have enough time to get through a book quickly; I rarely sit down to actually read more than one chapter at a time.  I want to read all of these.  I need to read some of these. 



  1. Pick one you need to read and stick with that one until it's done? Or pick two and have them for certain times? One for when the kids are napping, maybe? And the one right before bed? I have too many too!

  2. Thanks! That is a good idea...I think two sounds doable. (Well, besides the bible and my bible four, lol.)

  3. I think that is a good idea to have one for bed time and one for day time. I have this bad habit of reading intense books before bed, then I can't sleep. I need to keep the intense/thought provoking ones for the day and relaxing novel type ones for bed time.

    1. Good thought about keeping the intensity for daytime!
      Also, one of the books I'm almost done with is your Cold Tangerines book.
      I will bring it when I come that way! (IF I remember!)