Monday, February 4, 2013

Day 33: We bought a scale

We've been trying to eat better, eat less and exercise more.

In order to push ourselves a little bit, we have bought a scale to keep track of our weight!

I do need to be careful though - I am nursing two little nurslings and noticed myself getting dizzy the other day as I was counting calories...
My goal is to eat healthier - not necessarily less - but, less junk.
AND to drink more water, instead of other sugar filled beverages.

Both of us have lost a few pounds this week and I am feeling a lot better about my body already!  Just getting a little more active each day helps a whole lot!


  1. Went on a little clicking frenzy this morning, and stumbled on your site through another member at Redeemer who blogs.

    So glad I stumbled onto your site! I am looking forward to more posts. And good for you for making some changes, we have been too and it's not easy.


    1. Doesn't that seem to happen all-too-often!? But it is nice to stumble on a nice blog :)
      Whose site did you find my blog through?
      Excited to look at your blog, and will most likely be emailing you soon!

    2. I clicked over from Sensory Snapshots. They shared a few of their blog posts on the Redeemer Fellowship FB page. Looking forward to getting to know you!

    3. So, do you know Rachel and Daniel (and E and J)??
      They are some of my favorite people in the whole world!