Wednesday, May 9, 2012

(NO) Schedule - Day 3

Today we did nothing remotely close to having a set schedule.

Momma woke up at 4am to be sick and continued feeling sick the rest of the night and into the morning.  Once we got up for the morning, Jane played in her excersaucer for awhile while I tried to lay down and feel better.  Finally, she napped with me, around 10:45am; I got up around 11:30am and felt much better.

At 12:30pm, we met Grandma and Aunt Heather for lunch at Cool Beans.  We ate and chatted until around 2ish.

Cool Beans is a cute little coffee shop/diner, all 70's hippie style. 
It is also where I meet with the ladies of LLL once a month.

Then we visited Dada at his office.  We stayed there all afternoon.  Jane snuck in a little nap there, but nowhere near getting enough sleep.

As we got home at 5pm, she was rubbing her eyes, and I could tell she was so sleepy still.  So, I stuck her in her swing to lull off to sleepyville. 
Excuse the mess in the background, but doesn't she look SO peaceful!?

It's about 6:30pm now and she is still sleeping.

Dada is working on the lawn and I am going to take her outside to swing as soon as she wakes up!  It is gorgeous outside and Justin was a sweet Daddy and hung her easter swing up in our tree!

There is her swing, and you can see Justin in the back weed-whacking!

That's about all for our day.  Tonight I believe we are getting Tropical Sno :)


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  1. She does look so peaceful sleeping in her swing.

    I want tropical sno! Looks yummy!