Friday, May 11, 2012


Wednesday night we did some swinging, while Daddy watered the lawn, and then we went to tropical sno!

Yes, Daddy did spray me!

The remnants of our Tropical Sno - we got Jane a cup of plain ice
chips...she LOVED it.

Yesterday, we had a lunch date with our good friend Jenny.  Jane just loves her.  So do I : )  We went to a cute little bistro/coffee shop called Mustard Seed.

I got a veggie sandwich, Jane had carrots and Jenny got the smoky something-or-other sandwich.
Mama gives me yummies.


Miss Jenny even helped feed me so Mama could eat lunch!
We love hanging out with Miss Jenny.  Our conversations are always encouraging, light hearted and fun.  She is a great encourager in my life.  And she is SO good with Jane.

Oh, and on our way home we passed the sanctuary, um, I mean Starbucks. ;)
We had to was Happy Hour!

Dada got home shortly after us.  So, we hung out with him!

Tonight, we are having family over for dinner!  Aunt Heather and maybe Gramma and Grampa.  What a busy week we've had!

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