Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Schedule - Day 2

For naptime #2 Jane was already asleep and stayed asleep once she went in her crib.
Naptime #3 did not work out.  She cried quite a bit, so we got her up and tried to feed her then gave her a nice bath to get her ready for bed.
At bedtime we decided to let her sleep in the co-sleeper in our room, because Justin had to get up super early (3am!) to study for his last test of the semester.

Today, at naptime #1, Daddy was home and Aunt Becca was over.  Justin couldn't stand her crying, so tried to soothe her and then I could tell she wasn't going to go to sleep after that.  So, I got her up to finish playing with Aunt Becca. 

Now, is time for naptime #2 (or #1, since she hasn't actually had one yet).  As Aunt Becca and Grandma left, I nursed Jane, changed her dipe and turned on her light music and closed her curtains.  At 1:58pm I laid her in bed, she has been crying since (about 5 minutes).  I am going to give her 10-15 minutes and then try to calm her a bit.

I think this is good for her, but it has definitely been harder after that first nap went so well!

Today, as mentioned above, Aunt Becca came over.  Justin's sister (Aunt Becca) has tons of craft stuff and she is addicted to Pinterest.  She noticed that I pinned this and volunteered to bring all the necessities over to make it!  It was so fun.

We used lots of pretty colors

Here's the first set of footprints...

Jane's feet are very ticklish, so it was fun to watch her squirm and wiggle as we painted her feet!

Mama painting on bug.

And, the finished product:

I have given her approximately 13 minutes and she is still pretty screamy...going to get her now...

EDIT: : I went in to rock her and turn on her favorite song (Grey Blue Eyes - Dave Matthews), and now she is silent :)



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    1. April, I finally figured it out today! I think the boxes just weren't loading right, because the drop down things finally worked for me :)
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  2. LOVE her little feet butterflies.

    Does she usually take three naps? That's a lot for a 6 month old, I think. I DON"T MEAN TO SOUND JUDGY!!! =) Sometimes Braden would only take 1...which was awful at this age. Totally happy if he goes down for 1 a day! =)

  3. Hey Lady! Loved seeing your last posts! Scheduling is rough! Even if you try "from the start". Babies learn and change so quick! And on top of that they have their own personalities! I only know that I definitely wish there was some sort of formula! But you're right ... flexibility is key!

    I would love to gchat/skype whenever if you need encouragement or to hear how E did. Sometimes its just nice to know you're not crazy. Which you are (most likely) not. :P