Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day 1: Board Games

 We have these storage compartments in our dining room – they are really quite handy.   On the west wall there are two top cabinets, two closet-like-shelved-cabinets in the middle, and two drawers on bottom.  The top cabinets we have used for storage, the closet on the left is our pantry and the closet on the right has been pure clutter and junk for about a year.  The bottom drawers are mostly empty.  Our goal today is to clean out that right closet.  In doing so, we ended up organizing our pantry, the top cabinets and the bottom drawers as well!  Whew.

Every time I open that door I cringe.  It has board games thown about, baby food jars on one shelf, posters on another shelf, boxes of miscellaneous junk under the board games and there were even some broken glass frames!  I forgot to take a before picture, but this is the finished product:

I told Justin before we started this that it is going to be very difficult for me to spread it out over an entire year.  As soon as we started organizing/trashing/giving things away out of this closet, I was planning and scheming in my head how/what we would do with each and every other room in our house.  I was ready to go to each room and do the same thing.  The problem is, it took us about two hours to sort through everything and the babies only sleep for so long : /

It is okay though.  It is better to spread it out.  That way everything gets done, I don’t get stressed, and we continue it in our normal daily routine in the future.

This first task doesn’t have much deeper meaning except that our closet just really needed to be organized.  It does allow for easier access to games when we have company over, which goes with our socializing more goal.  On the bottom, big shelf we have started stacking our “projects”.  Things we would like to get done in order to make our home more “homey” (like things we need to get framed) and things to make things simpler (like cloth napkins).

That’s all for day one – I’m already just walking around our house finding things that we don’t need or just need to go in the trash! J
Here is the beginning of our "give pile":

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