Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day 8: Bedroom Closet

When we bought our house, our bedroom closet came with just one sliding door.  That door moves back and forth daily, blocking whichever side of the closet is messiest.  We decided to just get rid of the stinkin’ door and make our closet simple and organized enough to always be presentable. 

We disposed of some old clothes and shoes that needed to go, we put lots of slightly used things into boxes to give away and we kept what we felt was necessary at this point.  As soon as the laundry is complete, I think we will minimize even more.  And once we go clothes shopping in the next few months, we will get rid of similar items that we will be replacing with newer ones.
Justin now has four pairs of shoes and a pair of slippers, and I am down to nine pair of shoes and a pair of slippers.  I know, nine seems like too many, but I got rid of more than half of my shoes!  Justin’s wardrobe is dramatically smaller than mine, but we both got rid of about the same amount of clothing.  Plus, most of his clothes were being washed.

If you haven't realized by now, I have a terrible memory and will probably never remember to take before pictures...once more, I forgot.  Justin remembered and put the clothes back up on the closet shelf that I had just emptied!!  Here are the pictures:

Can you guess which side belongs to me??

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