Monday, January 28, 2013

Day 26: Kid's Drawer

Along with that shelf in the hallway closet, the rest of the hall closet, and every single drawer in our house, the second drawer down in our hallway tends to get messy.  I call it the Jane/Jack drawer.  It contains their bath wash and lotion (of which we have not ever had to buy), towels and random baby stuff. 

Here is the disaster area:


And here is the organized drawer:


I threw away some stuff, but mostly just folded the towels and set stuff up nicely.  And there were even items that just didn’t belong in there.

My next task is consolidating towels…that will be in a while.  I haven’t decided how many towels I think is a good number for our family.  The year of less blog decided they only needed one towel per family member.  I am thinking about this one.  I’ll get back with you.  I think mostly I don’t want to do laundry that often, but I also feel bad getting rid of towels that people just bought us for the kiddos.  Maybe two towels per baby is okay?  Again, I will get back with you when we decide!


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