Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day 14: The mail/bill/clutter box

Each time we get the mail from the mailbox we place it in the same general area which we occasionally go through and sort between shred, keep, do something with, etc.  Our little bill box has become very cluttered and now just sits on top of a pile of other papers that need to be gone through as well.

Tonight we did just that.  We went through papers and mail and paid bills.  Justin is actually in charge of the checkbook and bills (praise God!), so he did that.  I helped sort through the rest of the junk.

Now our bill box contains just a few odds and ends and mostly just envelopes and stamps for the next round of bills to be paid with the next check.

*Side note about my husband – he is an accountant and pays people’s bills for a living, and is therefore very accurate and loves doing it.  I have always hated paying bills and dealing with money, so the Lord certainly knew what He was doing pairing the two of us!

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