Sunday, January 27, 2013

Day 25: Project #2

I have been planning this one for awhile. 

I needed a place to hang my necklaces in an orderly fashion, so one day I began perusing pinterest for some crafty ideas.  I found a few little ways to hang hooks from wood that looked relatively cheap and cute.  Then I had an epiphany when I was sitting on the toilet one day! (TMI...perhaps.)
We have this pretty painting in our bathroom that is canvas and pretty deep.  There was plenty of room to add some hooks on the inside of it!  So, I told my handy-man husband my idea.  We would grab some little hooks to put on the inside of it and then hinges to attach it to the wall for easy access.

He bought the hooks one day, but bless his poor soul, he is TOO BUSY to do anything handy-manish these days.  So, I decided I could probably do half of it.
Here it is!
Here's the painting

The inside of the back

...with hooks!

and now furnished with necklaces :)

Look how great it looks on the wall! You would NEVER know there were necklaces there!  If I ever have any valuable jewelry, that is where it will be protect it from burglars ;)


  1. How clever! Hide your jewelry from thieves AND little children's hands!

    P.S. An epiphany on the toilet...I DIED laughing and then shared that with James! HA!

    1. Yea, it has worked out really well! It will be so much better when we put the hinges on it though!
      I speak truth ;)