Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day 15: Taking our own photos

As women, we treasure moments captured in photos.  My husband could not care less.  Although he loves to look back at photos and really does treasure having them, he never wants to take them, be in them, or pay for them. 

I have SO MANY friends who are amazing photographers and I always desire to have pictures taken of every little moment of our lives!  Unfortunately, we cannot afford that.  ((NO OFFENSE TO FRIENDS)) but having people take pictures for you is pricey.  It is MUCH more convenient than trying to tackle the kiddos myself AND take the pictures myself, but alas that is what we can afford.

SO, this time I decided to skip the argument with the husb of how "photographers charge too much and we can do it ourselves" (and by ourselves, it generally means by YOURSELF ;), and take pictures by myself.  I set up a “newborn shoot” for Jack in December, a “Christmas shoot” before Christmas, and a “baby bro, big sis shoot” the other day… 

Newborn shoot

Christmas shoot

"we have matching onesies" shoot

I would have to say, they didn’t turn out all that bad, but they were a bit stressful.

Also, the coloring looks awesome solely because of the editing program I use – for free, on the internet,  We usually print at Walmart or Walgreens.

We don’t have a fancy camera, I am not very artsy or knowledgable about photo-anything and we don’t spend a lot on a fancy, much better than me, photographer, but we do have photos of our children that will last for a very long time. J

*Justin's addition* P.S. My wife forgot to mention that I do not consider “Photography” an art…. Sorry if that is offensive. 

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