Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day 4: One thing per day

We are each trying to eliminate (throw away, give away or sell) one item per day.  It can be as simple as a pair of shoes or something like pop in our diet.  I’m not going to bore you with what we get rid of each day unless it is meaningful in some way. 

Today mine is actually kind of a big deal. 
Today as I was scrolling through my news feed on Facebook, I came across a deal that I really, really want.  I am subscribed to updates from  This website is marvelous.   Each day they offer two “steals” (really good deals) on baby products.  They also have three other sites that are the same idea but on other things (kids, moms, etc.).  Today, the deal that I desire is a potty kit made by Baby Signing Time!  I LOVE to watch and learn with Baby Signing Time with Jane, and I want to begin potty training soon.  What a perfect deal!  It’s only $29.99, plus shipping. 

So, what’s the problem? 
I WANT this, I don’t need it (and Jane doesn’t need it either).  Instead of dismissing it as something that exists and is unneeded, I felt the need to text my husband about it.  Now, I know that he is currently working, hard I might add, and as soon as I sent the text I regretted it.  He has told me before that when I text him things like that it makes him feel bad that he doesn’t make more money and can’t just buy everything we want.  So, not only is this causing me to want something I don’t need and make me feel sad because I’m not going to get it, it is also placing an unneeded pressure on my husband to make more money and buy more things. 

Today I will be unsubscribing/unliking everything on Facebook that is a business of some sort and who advertise things I might want to buy.  I will also be unsubscribing from emails sent by companies that do the same.  I find that the less I see, the less I want.  Sure, I might miss out on a coupon or a sale, but my heart will be completely satisfied in what I have and not be constantly torn for what I want (or what a store makes me think I want).


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    1. It has been something that God has been convicting me about for awhile now!