Monday, January 21, 2013

Day 19: Cloth Wipes

We cloth diaper our children (most of the time).  I bought some diapers and accessories from a friend who could no longer cloth diaper and she threw in some awesome re-usable wipes that her mom had made.  They are double sided flannel and work great!  We used them for quite a while with our cloth diapers and then just got lazy.  We have decided to start using them again!

When I first used them, I soaked them in a wipe solution made of water, baby wash and tea tree oil.  It smelt nice and worked well. *** I (husband) think it smells great until it is mixed with pee and then it really stinks!!!  She says “it is not the tea tree oil you idiot, it is just the pee.”  I have smelled pee in a diaper before and it is the tea tree oil that stinks!!!!***

To save time and money, this time we will just use water.  We grabbed a handy little squirt bottle, and each time we need a wipe we will just squirt a dry wipe with the water and use it.

I love using the cloth wipes with the cloth diapers because then you can just throw it all into the wetbag and the washer together – no need to make a trip to the trashcan! 

This may gross some people out – but it is worth the savings!  Wipes are not too expensive to buy, but every little bit adds up, in your pocket and the landfills.

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