Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Day 21: Project #1

Our dining room closet that we cleaned out now has a “project shelf”.  This is where we set stuff that we need to fix, make or do.  One of the things on that shelf was a box full of frames.  With the pictures I hung for Jack’s Baby Shower, I decided to create a frame collage for a wall in our living room.

I started by framing the pictures and rearranging them on our bed to form a frame collage that I thought looked good.

Then I took them to the wall:


It looks a little cheap…but that’s alright with me J

I got a project done, a wall decorated and 13 unused frames out of our project closet!

***Note from husband: I came home to my wife standing 4 feet in the air on a chair.  Had she fallen, I may have been a widow with two cute babies.  Another woman would have fallen in love with me and the kids and then she would have regretted this for life.  Please do not attempt this at your home unless your children are capable of calling 911 while blood is spewing from your head.  I know you think you will land like a Siamese cat, but it is called an accident because no one expects it or wants it to happen!***

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