Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day 6: Most of our bedroom

In addition to the removal of our bed frame and nightstand, we went all out and removed a bookshelf and deep cleaned our dresser.  Most of the stuff we cleaned out of our room ended up in piles to take to the basement, but some of it also got thrown away and even put in a box of stuff to give away.  (Our basement is going to be about a week long task because it is more like a giant storage room of crap at this point.)  We simplified the top of our dresser down to a lamp, ipod dock and a few decorations, from a heaping pile of papers, decorations, money jar, pens, pencils, markers, basically complete randomness.

 Justin remembered that we forgot to take "before pictures" half way through...so here are the "in the process" pictures:


Laundry that is undone.
((Notice the one door on our closet...more on that later))

All the junk from our bookshelf and dresser to go through!
The bookshelf contained books, a lamp, random baby stuff, Jane toys and books, and one completely useless empty shelf.  Now, it is not in our room! J

Stuff from under the bed and all the stuff that used to be on our dresser.
Here are some complete pictures of our finished, more simple room.
((with the exception of our closet – we are doing that in a few days))

I also found this little trash digger rummaging around the place ;)

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