Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 12: Natural Products

Day 12: Natural Products

My friend Jenny has been on an all-natural-making-her-own-beauty-products-kick!  She also blogs!  (Check her out at Sunflower Sundays)

Jenny’s Christmas gift to me was a mixture of her handmade and awesome beauty products!  I got some hand cream, body scrub and hair gel!

Jenny and I plan to get together to make some of this stuff.  We also have a few other projects up our sleeves.

I am so excited.  As part of our year of less, we were wanting to start using more natural products in our home, especially ones that we can make on our own, and this is our in!  As I have started using the body scrub and lotion, I just feel so much better about putting it on my skin and my skin feels so great!  Both products have natural oils in them that are really great for your skin.  They feel a bit greasy, compared to normal lotion, but once you get over that feeling, it is really just a moisturized feeling!  I love it.  Thanks Jenny!

--Also, Jenny started using this shampoo ( and we are planning to order it soon.  Cal Ben is a family owned and operated, all natural, company!  We like that.

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