Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Day 27: Research Day

Part of our year of less is focused on researching and supporting ethical companies.  To us, ethical = natural products and Christian companies or people making those products.  I talked about my friend Jenny’s Products (sunflowersundays.blogspot.com) and how we were going to try CalBen Shampoo.  We have kind of decided against the shampoo, strictly based on price. 

I googled, “natural shampoo Christian,” to start my search for a company and product that we want to support.  The one that I came across that sounds spot on with what we are looking for is Apple Valley.  They are a family company, owned and operated by Christians.  They offer “shampoo bars” along with many other products.  I really wanted to try this shampoo bar, but unfortunately it does not work with hard water…which we have!  They suggest using a filtered shower head, but that equals a higher cost.  Once more, we are not sure what to replace our “chemical cocktail” shampoo with…

Any ideas friends?
I also went to a local store called "Back to Nature" to look at their shampoo options. As I read on the backs of the bottles, they seemed to have just as many ingredients as the ones I already buy, and I know nothing about all the companies - not to mention, the cost was much more than what I am looking to spend. We need help!

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