Saturday, January 12, 2013

Day 10: DVDs

Almost every single household owns DVDs.  It is nice to be able to just grab a TV show off the shelf and pop it in as background noise while I clean, or to grab a classic movie and watch it with the family, however, there is no need to own as many as we do.  There are many that were bought pre-marriage that are not appropriate or needed in our household.  We think it is okay to own rated R movies, as long as they are purposeful, do not cause stumbling in our personal lives and do not include extreme nudity.  We mostly kept movies that are family friendly, or “American classics”. 

In addition to simplifying our items, we are also on a mission to examine our lifestyle and choices and make sure they line up with what God wants and what we want our children to learn from. 

We don’t want to have a movie or TV show available in our home that we would not want to watch with our children (in the appropriate time).  If we are uncomfortable watching it with our pastor, then we probably don’t want to have to explain why we are watching it to Jesus!


We divided our DVD’s into three piles:

1) Keep

2) Sell

3) Watch once more and decide what to do.

I have a feeling the ones we are watching will mostly end up in our sell pile.

*Just so you know, this is getting hard already.  The getting rid of things is fabulous, I’m not struggling with that…it is the coming up with things to do on a DAILY basis, that we have time for.  During the week it will mostly be ME doing things and Justin helping out one night and on the weekends.  Two kiddos under two = limited time to do anything but mother.  Maybe I need to focus on things I can do to simplify my parenting or teaching or cleaning…something that involves the little ones.  Ideas welcome!

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