Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day 28: Cleaning out our vehicle

Every family with kids has a messy car at some point.  Ours gets messy daily.  I allow Jane to have a drink in the car – I usually limit it to water, otherwise we could end up with a nasty milk situation – therefore, those cups end up on the floor immediately after she is finished with them.  We eat out and our trash ends up on the floor.  I do my makeup in the car and my used-mascara-ridden-q-tips end up on the floor.  Mail is occasionally opened in the car, and you guessed it, the junk mail ends up on the floor of our van.

All that to say, our van gets messy quickly.  A smart way to combat this would be to carry a trash item in with each return to home.  Well, let me tell you, my hands are a bit preoccupied.  Between carrying Jack (2 months), trying to hold a disobedient tiny Jane (16 months) hand and carrying in the (sometimes) two diaper bags, there is no room for trash in these two hands of mine. 

It makes me crazy to see stuff all over the van. 

My new goal is to clean our van once per week.  I don’t have a set time or day, it is more on an as-needed basis. 

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