Monday, January 7, 2013

Day 5: Bed Frame

This idea was strictly from the year of less blog. At first it seemed unnecessary and a bit crazy to get rid of the bedframe that we just bought a few months ago with our new, might I add luxurious, bed. One of the blogger’s reasons was to get rid of another clutter space. Our reasons include – making our bed safer for co-sleeping, it’s kind of fun being “on the floor”, less noise when we are“getting close”, nowhere for lost pacifiers to escape to, and less clutter space. Once more, I have forgotten to take a before picture, but here are some pictures of our "bedroom process."
There is our frame in the middle of the hall, on the way to the basement!

Our new boxspring and mattress on the floor.
((And don't even ask about the bachelor style comforter...the Duvet cover (not pictured) is a continual arguement between the husb and myself! lol))

We also got rid of our night stand and replaced it with a simple basket of books we are reading.  Again, this idea was stolen straight off of the fabulous the year of less blog.  It is a much better alternative than a bulky night stand filled with miscellaneous CD’s, books, pens, papers and many other random items, as well as stacks of books on top.
There goes our nightstand...

And our new little basket :)

Our bedroom feels much more peaceful without that nightstand that was constantly lingering in my mind of things to clean/organize.  Love it.



  1. less noise when "getting close" - hehe, you are too cute! :P

    *please excuse my almost married ming! :P