Friday, January 11, 2013

Day 9: Xbox games

We own an Xbox 360, and while I like to occasionally play video games, I never seem to find enough excitement or time to do so.  Justin, however, is a man and loves video games.  If he could he would play them daily.  The problem is, he works at least 40 hours a week, is still finishing school, has a wife and two babies.  That equals about FIVE MINUTES of video game time available per week, if he is lucky.  We don’t have a ton of games, but there are several that we never play.  So, tonight we got rid of those that either A) we don’t play or B) we deem too inappropriate to keep (although we did keep a few that we would not want our children to play…).

We plan to actually try to sell these games instead of just giving them away.  We decided that we would give any type of necessity away (clothes, food, toys) and try to sell anything else (movies, video games, etc.) to make the best use of our “assets”.  We have not decided quite yet what we will do with this additional “income”, but we have a few ideas.

We have talked about just giving the money, we’ve talked about saving it in our Christmas Club account, we’ve considered spending it on actual other things we need, putting it in Jane and Jack’s piggy banks, having a date night, etc.

Whatever we choose to do, the main thing is that we are eliminating this junk to 1) get it out of our house, 2) make a little money, and 3) make wise decisions about our possessions and giving opportunities.

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