Friday, January 18, 2013

Day 16: Laundry Soap

This one excites me a lot!  We cloth diaper and it is hard to convince my husband that we need a special soap for the diapers that costs four times more than regular soap, but will actually last twice as long.  So, we just use our regular detergent on diapers…which leads to build-up and horrible absorbancy.

I finally convinced him, and this year of less convinced him, that it was time to make our own detergent!  I had seen a few different recipes on different blogs and websites and wanted to stick with a simple one.  I chose this homemade cloth diaper detergent.


Three ingredients – equal parts of each.

Baking soda: $3.50

Washing soda: $3.50

Oxygen cleaner: $3

$10 for 24 cups = 384 loads!

I mixed some up and am keeping it in an old pickle jar.  Don’t judge.

We have used it a few times and I love it so far!  You only have to use 1-2 TBSP of it per load!

I did the math and that is $0.03 per load J That is less than half the cost of the cheap detergent we used to use!

Oh, and this detergent is not just for our cloth diapers, you can use it on all your clothes!  The one thing I don’t like about it is that it doesn’t have much of a smell and I love the smell of fresh laundry…I hear that you can add essential oils to scent it, but I don’t have any and frankly don’t want to spend more money, so will not be doing that! 

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